Are We Listening? – Julian Treasure

Posted By admin on Aug 10, 2015 |

Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure created one of the most popular Ted Talks entitled, “How To Speak So That People Will Listen.” Today, we have a conversation about Julian’s idea of consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, and the idea of being present. Our communication with one another can often be like ships passing in the night–we come and go without taking the time to truly understand what is really going on beneath the surface of the words we exchange, or the way we receive them. Julian has built a career around how words and sounds affect us. He has managed to “see” our words and sounds, and talks about them in a way that helps us to better hear one another…say what we actually mean… and mean what we say. In Julian Treasure’s 5 viral TED Talks and his book “Sound Business”, he encourages us to be “conscious listeners”: infusing deeper intention into the words we speak. I hope you will “listen in” today.