Love Take Two: Sudeep Balain

Posted By Linda Tucker on Jul 31, 2017 |

We first met Sudeep Balain when he was a guest on CYT last fall, and his insights were so compelling that we knew we needed to have him back. In his book You Are Love, Sudeep explains his journey from having a successful monied career and marriage of sixteen years to his world crumbling down as his wife was about to leave him. What ensued was a journey of traveling across the world to learn from spiritual gurus with the hope of gaining a deeper self-understanding.

Sudeep’s losses have eventually propelled him towards what he believes to be his purpose in life: to give and receive love. And as a result of his journey, he has become known as a spiritual guide and coach for others walking a similar path.

Sudeep reminds us that rather than running away from pain and suffering, when we learn to sit with and “dissolve” the negative feelings through self-meditation, the moment eventually passes and can offer us a deeper look inside of ourselves. We hope you’ll join us to hear how Sudeep’s story shows us that:

  • Love is the core identity that connects us.
  • Attempting to escape pain and suffering is like trying to outrun your shadow.
  • Not every feeling lasts forever, and can offer us a deeper look inside ourselves if we’re willing to explore it.
  • If we never become mindful about the negative patterns in our lives, we will keep encountering them again and again in our relationships.