Golden Lessons: Lindsey Jacobellis

Posted By Linda Tucker on Jul 6, 2017 |

Lindsey Jacobellis has been snowboarding since she was eleven years old, and holds the record for most Gold medals won by any female at the Winter X Games. In 2006 she went to the Torino Winter Olympics as the American snowboarding favorite. A split-second decision changed Lindsey’s trajectory and her chance for Olympic gold. Since those winter games, Lindsey has been walking the long and important road of learning the power of self-forgiveness, and how not to be distracted by her many critics.

In this interview, Lindsey opens up about how she is facing those literal and figurative mountains again with a newfound mindset: that winning or losing will not define her identity. Lindsey’s courage and capacity for self-forgiveness has fueled her inner fire to keep persevering throughout her recovery process, and has ultimately made her stronger physically and psychologically. Set to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics all eyes are, again, on Lindsey. She will be back this time, however, with a secret weapon—a rooted self-assurance that no medal could ever give or take away. We hope you’ll join us to hear how Lindsey’s story shows us that:

  • When faced with failure or disappointment, we can either withdraw further into shame, or treat ourselves with compassion.
  • If we don’t give ourselves the permission to pick ourselves up, we can easily remain in the shadows for far too long.
  • Self-forgiveness fuels our inner fire to keep on growing.
  • When we learn to live through a loss, we often come out stronger and more prepared to handle a win.