“The Beautiful Awful”: Alyssa Monks

Posted By on Mar 27, 2017 |


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While it’s a common knee-jerk reaction to run away from grief, imperfection, and pain, we’re often robbing ourselves of profound inner growth when we do. Brooklyn-based artist Alyssa Monks reminds us that we’re robbing ourselves of some profound inner growth when we do. What she ultimately discovered through her own grief now transfers to her work and the realization that loss is a passageway to an even deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Alyssa’s paintings are a unique blend of abstraction and realism, showcasing her gift for conveying the vulnerability of the human experience. Her work has been featured in galleries from Manhattan to Germany, and she has also shared her insights on the TED Talk stage.

When we experience loss in our lives, we can either run, numb ourselves from those difficult feelings, or we can stay open to what those moments have to teach us. Alyssa and her astonishing body of work are living proof of choosing the latter, and we’re honored to glean from her profound perspective. We hope you’ll join us to hear how Alyssa’s story shows us that:

  • When we ty to fix what we can’t control, we only add to the suffering
  • Facing our pain can ultimately help us live our lives more wholeheartedly
  • “Me too” are the most powerful words we can say to someone who’s facing something difficult and overwhelming
  • Acceptance means putting aside how you wanted things to be and being willing to work with what is right in front of you.