Being Different – Jim Riviello

Posted By Linda Tucker on Feb 19, 2016 |

What if we’re successful in business, but our kids, spouses, or employees want nothing to do with us? Is that really true success? If we learn from our business failures or lessons, but refuse to pay attention when it comes down to what’s going on inside of us…in our most precious, hidden selves, then are we actually growing? And what does it mean to know oneself, anyway?

In this week’s interview, author and business growth expert Jim Riviello is here to remind us of the importance of taking a good, long look inside of ourselves. He emphasizes that while planning for the future is necessary for achieving our goals, it’s also important to slow down and live in the present by focusing on the “next three plays” in front of us. Nothing meaningful ever comes easy, and that includes learning to listen to yourself.

Honoring our journey is just as important as getting there, and sometimes that means becoming comfortable in the often-uncomfortable process of growth. We hope you’ll join us for this week’s episode to hear how Jim’s story shows us that:

  • If we rush through whatever we’re working on or moving towards, we miss the opportunity to know ourselves better and to learn from what makes us tick.
  • We can achieve anything we want in life if we focus on it, but focus requires clarity and discipline.
  • If we can break our goals down into the “next three plays”, it safeguards us from feeling like the future is unmanageable.
  • While our distant dreams might feel unattainable right now, what we can do about it today is in our hands.

Show Notes