Bouncing Forward – Dr. Michaela Haas

Posted By Linda Tucker on Nov 25, 2015 |

Dr. Michaela Haas has written an important book, “Bouncing Forward.” Most of us are familiar with PTSD, but post traumatic growth may be a new concept altogether. The idea of post traumatic growth suggests that we’ll grow after a trauma…all you have to do is experience one for that to be questionable at least while it’s occurring. The fact is that research is proving that there is growth especially and even after trauma. And, trauma comes in many iterations. We have probably all experienced trauma in one form or another: from losing a loved one to being in a car crash. Dr. Michaela Haas has not only researched post-traumatic growth…she has also experienced it first hand. She has consolidated twelve stories of resilience, growth and wisdom in her recently released book, Bouncing Forward and she is here during this episode to share much of what she has learned. Dr. Haas proposes a different way to look at crisis; that while there is undoubtedly immense pain, there is also potential breakthrough and a silver lining.

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