Our Brains on Enlightenment: Dr. Andrew Newberg

Posted By Linda Tucker on Aug 1, 2016 |

Dr. Andrew Newberg is a prominent author, researcher, and neuroscientist who studies the relationship between brain function and various mental states. He is specifically interested in the neurological study of religious and spiritual experiences– a pioneer in a field known as “neurotheology”–and studies the brain as it engages in various spiritual practices.

Dr. Newberg models the importance of compassionate curiosity throughout his research–which recognizes diversity as enriching rather than a potential threat. Because he is willing to examine every angle, Dr. Newberg’s work has garnered the respect of both atheists and the devoutly religious alike. He deeply understands that when we are able to listen for the sole purpose of expanding our understanding, only then will we start moving forward together.

We think you’ll find Dr. Newberg’s perspective both fascinating and inspiring, and we hope you’ll join us to hear how his research and methodology show us that:

  • Staying curious is one of the most important ingredients to building a satisfying and meaningful life.
  • Profound enlightenment experiences can promote a sense of connection within the brain.
  • There is always another side to hear, but we often fail to listen because we are afraid that the opposing side might threaten our own viewpoint.
  • The first step towards true understanding is being willing to acknowledge our biases and predisposed ways of thinking.

Show Notes