Building Relationships – John Corcoran

Posted By on Dec 29, 2014 |


Have you ever wondered what successful people know that you don't? For over twenty years, I have worked with people to help clarify what keeps them stuck or struggling and move them forward in ways they never thought possible. Challenge Your Thinking Podcast is a natural outgrowth of my practice which is about helping you to find ways to overcome obstacles or challenges that stand in your way. If you are interested in making major shifts in your life, business or relationships let's talk.


John Corcoran has worked in Hollywood, the Clinton White House, and as a speechwriter for the Governor of California. What he’s really good at is making and keeping relationships that produce dividends. He believes that giving to others brings him and anyone who is willing to follow his lead more than they ever dreamed possible. Tune in to hear how John practices what he teaches. You can also find him at the Smart Business Revolution website and podcast.