Goat Yoga?!: Lainey Morse

Posted By Linda Tucker on Apr 10, 2017 |

Living in a world that moves a mile a minute, we all know how peaceful moments can be hard to come by. So if you’re someone who has discovered a secret to finding solace (like our next guest), then chances are you’re going to have people knocking at your door. Or at least that’s true for Lainey Morse, who owns a farm called “No Regrets” in Albany, Oregon. Lainey’s farm has gone viral, gaining recognition even from NPR to the New York Times. Word is getting around about her farm because she has found a creative way to create space for others to disconnect from their stressful schedules and immerse themselves in nature through Goat Yoga. It’s yoga with a twist, and there’s a very long waiting list.

Lainey’s perspective on life is a much-needed reminder of the importance of being still and not taking ourselves too seriously. She understands firsthand what it feels like to have your world crumble beneath you, and how to dig deep for the tenacity to keep going. We hope you’ll join us to hear how Lainey’s story shows us that:

  • Creating space to disconnect and simply enjoy “being” is a gift we can offer others
  • Bravery is less a feeling than a course of action
  • Moving through challenges can be a birthplace for tenacity
  • The practice of being still can help us stay present to our lives