The Grit Project: Shannon Huffman Polson

Posted By Linda Tucker on Jun 6, 2016 |

Army veteran Shannon Huffman Polson not only knows what grit is; she’s lived it. Whether it was venturing far from her home in Alaska to attend Duke University, or joining the army and becoming one of the first women to fly a military helicopter, she has always been drawn to adventure and the road less traveled.

As you will soon hear for yourself, Shannon has come to understand that hardship is often the birthplace for grit… if we’re willing to stay open. While grappling with the tragic death of her father and stepmother, Shannon embarked on a personal pilgrimage that she documented in her book North of Hope, as an effort to make peace with her loss.

Shannon now highlights stories of bravery and resilience in the lives of other women in a weekly newsletter she calls, “The Grit Project.” We hope you will join us to hear how Shannon’s story show us that:

  • We can only find and actualize our passions when we keep moving forward.
  • Grit is strength that we all have access to inside of ourselves.
  • While it can be helpful to have an idea of where we would like to go in life, it is just as important to remain adaptable to unexpected opportunities and obstacles along the way.
  • When we lose someone close to us, choosing to keep living our lives with courage is a profound way to honor those not with us anymore.

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