“Liespotting”: Pamela Meyer

Posted By Linda Tucker on Nov 7, 2016 |

While the truth may be painful a lie can erode one’s ability to trust over a lifetime. Whether in business, or relationships, a lie can destroy our foundation of trust –leaving us skeptical and wary. If you knew how to spot a lie would you care? If you do, this is the episode for you.

Bestselling author, Harvard MBA, CEO, entrepreneur, Top Twenty Ted Talk presenter and speaker Pamela Meyer is here to share her knowledge about liespotting. Her curiosity about the psychology behind lying began well into her working life, and what started as a spark of an idea eventually led her to write the bestselling book, Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception. Pamela’s unique journey to uncovering her passion reminds us that even when we might feel stuck in life, there are a myriad of practical steps we can take to keep moving forward. And if we’re willing to pay attention, curiosity can be our greatest teacher.

We hope you’ll join us to hear how Pamela’s story shows us that:

  • Change is always challenging, but surrounding ourselves with people we respect and trust builds the support system we need to move forward faster
  • Rather than feeling overwhelmed by needing to find one passion in life, it’s more helpful to focus on chasing your curiosity and see how that might grow
  • Every dream has its own drudgery, so there’s no escaping hard work
  • If we want to make tangible progress towards our goals, then we’ll need other people to mentor us and hold us accountable

Show Notes