You Are Love: Sudeep Balain

Posted By on Aug 29, 2016 |


Have you ever wondered what successful people know that you don't? For over twenty years, I have worked with people to help clarify what keeps them stuck or struggling and move them forward in ways they never thought possible. Challenge Your Thinking Podcast is a natural outgrowth of my practice which is about helping you to find ways to overcome obstacles or challenges that stand in your way. If you are interested in making major shifts in your life, business or relationships let's talk.

Sudeep Balain had it all: the secure job, great house in Marin County, and a growing family. But it all came crumbling down when his wife of sixteen years wanted a divorce. In the wake of loss and what we might consider a “mid-life crisis,” Sudeep set out on a quest around the world to discover who he was and find what was missing.

Sudeep’s losses eventually propelled him towards what he believes to be his real purpose in life which is to give and receive love. As a result of his around the world spiritual journey he himself has now become known as a spiritual guide and coach for others. He recounts his travels and deeply personal discoveries in his book, You Are Love.

Sudeep reminds us that we can only face our internal motivations and fears when we take time to pause and recharge away from the noise. We hope you’ll join us to hear how Sudeep’s story shows us that:

  • Love is the core identity that connects us.
  • We can only extend genuine kindness, generosity, and love to others when we have learned to love and accept ourselves first.
  • If we never become mindful about the negative patterns in our lives, we will keep encountering them again and again in our relationships.
  • Developing our sense of awareness is possible only if we are genuinely interested in knowing who we are aside from our accomplishments.

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