Music Heals – Dr. Jill Suttie

Posted By on Apr 27, 2015 |


Have you ever wondered what successful people know that you don't? For over twenty years, I have worked with people to help clarify what keeps them stuck or struggling and move them forward in ways they never thought possible. Challenge Your Thinking Podcast is a natural outgrowth of my practice which is about helping you to find ways to overcome obstacles or challenges that stand in your way. If you are interested in making major shifts in your life, business or relationships let's talk.


Dr. Jill Suttie is a writer, researcher, and book review editor for the Greater Good Science Center. She writes about research on psychological and social wellbeing–in particular, research on altruism, compassion, resilience, happiness, awe and empathy. In this episode we discuss her articles about the latest findings by neuroscientists and researchers that are “discovering how music affects the brain, helping us to make sense of it’s real emotional and social power.” “Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t, and for years now, scientists have been wondering why.” Please join us for those answers and an interesting discussion about how and why music makes us feel better and even heal.