Riser – Travis Meadows

Posted By Linda Tucker on Jan 27, 2016 |

“Riser,” a song co-written by Travis Meadows and performed by Dierks Bentley, is one of those songs that stays with you long after you listen to it. And whether or not you’re a fan of country music, you can’t help but wonder about the life behind the song. If you listen closely, you get the sense that Travis’s depth of insight has been forged because of his struggle, and that taking the long way has given him something rare and irreplaceable.

You can’t write “Riser” if you don’t know what it’s like to be at your lowest, and that’s what you will learn by listening to this episode. If you feel down and out (no matter what the issue is…business, relationship or family), there is a way out. Travis’s way out is inspiring. Dealing with cancer at fourteen, growing up with an absent father, and wrestling with addiction are a few of the mile-markers on his life’s journey.

Travis found a salvation of sorts through songwriting; and people deeply resonate with his work because they see themselves in his songs. Maybe you will, too? We hope you will join us to discover how Travis learned to make peace with his past and that you can’t truly appreciate light without the darkness.

Travis has had to fight for his voice, and in the process of doing so, discovered the “Riser” inside of him. He has written songs for country artists such as Eric Church, Jake Owen, Leann Womack, and Wynonna Judd, and his unique artistry is unmistakable.

When you set out with a dream, there can be much uncertainty. If you do you will ultimately be certain of one thing…that you will come out stronger than when you started… if you don’t give up, that is. We hope you’ll join us for this week’s episode to hear how Travis’s story teaches us that:

  • It’s never too late to chase a dream
  • Life is too long to live with bitterness
  • Aiming for authenticity rather than accolades is more meaningful in the end
  • Addiction is persistent, but the human spirit is resilient

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