Science Based Self-Help – Vanessa Van Edwards

Posted By on Apr 22, 2015 |


Have you ever wondered what successful people know that you don't? For over twenty years, I have worked with people to help clarify what keeps them stuck or struggling and move them forward in ways they never thought possible. Challenge Your Thinking Podcast is a natural outgrowth of my practice which is about helping you to find ways to overcome obstacles or challenges that stand in your way. If you are interested in making major shifts in your life, business or relationships let's talk.


Vanessa Van Edwards believes that the primary purpose of her business is to help people. She runs an organization called the Science of People. Their organization takes all of the latest research that has come out of academic institutions and peer-reviewed journals and turns it into applicable tips. She calls it “science-based self-help.” Vanessa is the lead investigator at Science of People, a human-behavior research lab. She is a Huffington Post columnist and published author who wrote Human Lie Detection and Body Language 101. Her innovative work has been featured on NPR, Business Week, and USA Today. She has written for CNN, Fast Company, and Forbes.