Stand Out – Dorie Clark

Posted By Linda Tucker on Jun 8, 2015 |


Dorie Clark is an author (Stand Out, and Reinventing You), speaker, professor, award-winning journalist, and one of twenty-five professional networking experts chosen by Forbes Magazine to watch in 2015. She discovered that “Standing Out” requires a three step process that she shares with us in this interview. For instance, the first step is to build your network. Next, build your audience, and third, build your community, and I’ll tell you what I mean by those things. The first step, building your network, is about connecting with a small group of trusted people around you. It’s essentially this important- but-often-overlooked step of building a personal board of directors, building your “kitchen” cabinet so that you have people whose opinions you trust who are willing and able to give you the kind of feedback you need in order to make your ideas better, people you know have your back and want to help you and support you. The second step is then the more public phase where you’re building your audience, and that involves content creation; sharing your ideas, whether it’s blogs or social media or lecturing; it’s about sharing your ideas and making yourself findable to other like-minded people. And then finally the third step is where it begins to take on a life of its own and you stop being the only person who is talking about your idea. Instead you’re building a community because the audience has become so excited about your idea and they see a value in it, they think it’s relevant to them, they start talking about it, and they become your evangelists and talk to each other. If you are interested in “Standing Out” please tune in today for your free 42 page workbook.