Apricot Lane Farms Filmmaker: John Chester

Posted By Linda Tucker on Oct 24, 2016 |

Emmy-Award winning filmmaker John Chester left Hollywood in 2011 to bet on a dream. He and his wife risked it all to become farmers. Farmers you say? What do farmers have to teach us? Plenty. If you still believe that our failures aren’t lessons then listen in. Apricot Lane Farms, an organic and biodynamic farm north of Los Angeles, has become both home and classroom.

Farming has much to teach us about the careful attention it requires to build a meaningful life. Just as a field will bear crops after months of waiting, our labor will eventually produce results if we’re willing to put in the work, the hard work.

John’s remarkable talents as a filmmaker has drawn Oprah’s attention, and many of his very special films have been featured on her Super Soul Sunday show. John reminds us that whether or not we are farmers, we’re all growing something in our lives. With that in mind, it’s always in our best interest to take a step back and evaluate what we’re planting.

We hope you’ll join us to hear how John’s story shows us that:

  • The seemingly insignificant steps forward can build a platform for our future.
  • The only thing that can hold us back is waiting for the clarity to move forward; more often than not, we learn next steps as we go.
  • Magic happens when we keep showing up.
  • Practicing patience and gratitude helps us pay attention.

Show Notes