The Art of Charm – Jordan Harbinger

Posted By Linda Tucker on Mar 2, 2015 |


Jordan Harbinger is a lawyer-turned-social-dynamics expert who is the owner and cofounder of the Art of Charm, which is a dating and relationships coaching company. He is also the co-host of the lifestyle and entrepreneur podcast called The Art of Charm and the co-host of Game On, a Sirius XM Satellite Radio talk show devoted to the art of meeting and attracting women. Jordan is one of the most sought-after relationship coaches and social-dynamics experts and we have him here for you today for a lively and fun discussion that is filled with information you can use. I know that some people cringe a little when they hear about the newest “self-help” trends promising a deeper authenticity in relationships. But, this is exactly what our guest, Jordan Harbinger does, and reviews concur that he does it quite remarkably, in fact. Jordan is about teaching men how to create relationships and learning networking skills that focus on the longer term becoming more authentic in the process. What about you? Are you interested in any of these things? We hope so because you have a front row seat. Please join us.