Top 100 Inspirational Women: Beth French

Posted By Linda Tucker on Dec 19, 2016 |

Beth French is a sage, a swimmer, and one of the UK’s “Top 100 Most Inspirational Women,” and to call her courageous would be an understatement. From overcoming an illness that threatened to leave her wheelchair-bound, to ultimately swimming through freezing and shark-infested waters, Beth has overcome numerous challenges throughout her life. And, after defying so many limits what’s incredible is how she still continues to push herself to discover the depths of her potential.

Beth understands that we often don’t realize what we are capable of because we don’t believe enough in ourselves. She has built a life on pushing the uttermost limits of what is possible, like her latest goal: swimming what’s known as “The Ocean’s Seven” within a year’s time. As you’ll soon find out, Beth’s story is an important one that has the ability to touch all of us in a deeply personal way. So we hope you’ll join us to hear how Beth’s story shows us that:

  • Belief in oneself transcends knowledge and fact.
  • Failure can sometimes teach us that our goals weren’t what we wanted in the first place.
  • Our own inner voice will tell us whether we’re settling for less or if we’re truly content with where we are–no one can make that decision except us.
  • Challenges come to us, and other times we need to chase them down because we know that we will become stronger in the process.

Show Notes