Try, Try Again – Peter S. Cohan

Posted By Linda Tucker on May 11, 2015 |


Peter S. Cohan is a millionaire with poet’s heart. He has very insightful ideas and is the kind of person who continues to question things. For instance, he questions how money and the pursuit of money can be a futile kind of activity and that success may just be controlling how we spend our time. In our interview Peter discusses what standing still will get you. He says, “Don’t be afraid to act, because you’re not going to get it right the first time. Just make your best shot. Have enough confidence to accept the fact that your first try might not work. Your second try might not work. But also be intellectually curious enough to want to learn the lessons from what worked and what didn’t work and apply them and try again. And you’ll get closer and closer.” Those insights and many more are a part of this interesting interview that will not only keep you thinking but encourage you to move forward.