View From the Top – Aaron Walker

Posted By Linda Tucker on Jan 6, 2016 |

Aaron Walker’s life mantra, “Can’t, couldn’t do it, and could did it all,” is a saying he got from his mother. The determination she instilled in him took him far, as he had reached a level of success by the age of twenty­-seven that most people only dream about. But after experiencing a life-changing car crash in his forties, he realized how his life had strayed from his values. After taking an honest look at his priorities, he became more self­-reflective and took a proactive role in figuring out how he could “give back” in the world.

Is aligning your life with your core values important to you? Aaron believes that a successful life is a life saturated with meaningful relationships. He is a life coach who works to help his clients build significance into their lives by investing in relationships, not just retirement plans. We hope you will join us for this week’s episode to hear how Aaron’s story teaches that:

  • If your compass feels off course, it’s never too late to redirect your energy and efforts.
  • While we can’t go back and change the past, we can take an active role in our future by working through loss and regret and adopting a mindset conducive to growth.
  • Good mentors will encourage you to be proactive with your dreams.
  • Reaching out to people in need helps all of us keep perspective.

Show Notes