Waking Up from War – Dr. Joseph Bobrow

Posted By Linda Tucker on Nov 2, 2015 |

Dr. Joseph Bobrow is an Author, Psychoanalyst, Zen Master and founder of the Coming Home Project. He falls into the category of people that I am most interested in: the people who never give up and the amazing things they accomplish because of it. We all have choices in life. We can choose to complain, remain steeped in frustration about one thing or another or we can choose to do something about it. Joe Bobrow is one of those people who fall into the latter category. He was frustrated about the lack of services for returning Vets in the Iraq and Afghanistan war when he decided to “do something.” He knows all too well how war touches all of our lives but more particularly what happens when we are complacent. No matter what issue you might be facing…Joe is one of the guys to emulate.

Show Notes