What Fear Can Teach Us: Karen Thompson Walker

Posted By Linda Tucker on May 23, 2016 |

There is simply no way around it: experiencing fear is a fundamental part of what it means to be human. However, contrary to popular notions about fear, bestselling author Karen Thompson Walker proposes that we can actually become more calm and centered individuals when we learn to listen to our fear rather than trying to outrun it.

In her own creative life, Karen has not only embraced her fear, but she’s even allowed it to inspire her recent New York Times bestseller, The Age of Miracles. And in her popular TED Talk, “What Fear Can Teach Us,” Karen explores how the right kind of fear can actually propel our imagination as it forces us to consider different possible futures, which can subsequently help us choose the next step forward.

Whether or not you consider yourself a “creative” person, we have all experienced fear, anxiety, or resistance in one way or another. How might our lives look differently if we stopped spending so much of our energy trying to become fearless, and learned to welcome fear as an expected guest? We hope you will join us to hear how Karen’s story shows us that:

  • If we could learn to reflect on our fear rather than react to it right away, our decision-making could change for the better.
  • Taking a moment to ask ourselves, “What might this fear be teaching me?” can be a helpful tool in navigating our emotional landscape.
  • Problems ensue only when you let your fear run away from you.
  • While irrational fear is not helpful, the fear that’s based upon likely outcomes can act as a warning signal helping you to choose the best route forward.

Show Notes